The showcased assemblage is a display of a complex and profound psychological phenomenon and a commemoration to those who experience this extraordinary occurrence.

It is a medical reality often dismissed or overlooked, that one’s identity can be fragmented to a point of dissociation. Dissociative identity disorder, otherwise known as multiple personality disorder is a rare psychological comorbid disorder that stems from childhood trauma and mental instability. It is defined as the co-existence of two or more divergent personalities (alters) in a single body (host). The anomaly is often perceived as fictional to spectators, causing the affiliated to be stigmatised and misrepresented.

The following collection cabinets one particular case of dissociative identity disorder in a young woman. The severity of her broken childhood and family resulted in an extreme paradigm of eight different split personalities as her ultimate coping mechanism and tool of survival. Each item showcase connects to and represents a single fragmented identity.

Those with dissociative disorders face a big enough battle living as multiples and dealing with past trauma. Like everyone else, they deserve to be heard and recognised, not stigmatised.

Casey, the Original

Casey is the original identity which is the hosts all the other seven personalities. She is a 24-year-old American woman who has suffered a rough past of domestic abuse, sexual abuse and mental trauma. Being the product of a severe alcoholic’s accidental pregnancy, her childhood was ridden with neglect, derision and condemnation from her mother. The absence of a fatherly figure, or any proper parental guidance forced her to endure and confront her sufferings alone, or rather, with the help of seven different people. The bracelet pictured was given to her by her grandmother and has been with her since she was three.

Casey's Bracelet


Logan was Casey’s first personality split. He is a six-year-old boy who came into existence when Casey was also six years old. His role in Casey’s life was to be a best friend, or only friend, which Casey could relate to, confide in and turn to for comfort. It is to note that alternate identities do not age as the host ages, meaning at 24, Casey’s alter Logan is still six years old. The photographed music box was a toy treasured by both Casey and Logan.

Logan's Music Box


Eleanor (Age 50) came into existence when Casey was 10. She is Logan’s mother. Multiple personalities within a host are often aware of each other’s existence and may be directly related. As a result of Casey’s real parent’s absence, Eleanor was created by Casey’s mind to fulfil a role of emotional and moral support. When Eleanor takes the spotlight, she often wears conservative muted clothing and close toed black heels. The divergence in personalities differ to such extreme extents that different personalities can dress differently, and even have different accents, which is represented through Eleanor’s personal style and heavy English accent.

Eleanor's Heels


Cornelius (age 26) is an academically gifted young man. Casey’s lack of a proper education left her a hankering for knowledge and scholastics. Cornelius came into existence to satisfy these passions. The division of the mind caused by dissociative identity disorder is so powerful that only one personality has access to a spectrum of retained information in the brain. Therefore, there are a lot of information that Cornelius knows but Casey and the alters do not. Cornelius style involves collared shirts and is almost always seen wearing the photographed spectacles.

Cornelius' Glasses


Violet (Age 16) came into existence when Casey turned 14. Casey received many beatings from her mother her and alternating boyfriends. Her body was so often covered with bruises and cuts that her mother forbade her to step out of the tiny, dark, one-bedroom apartment in fear that the ongoing abuse would be discovered. As a result, Casey was deprived of the experiences many teenage girls relished in. Violet was a vivacious, attractive teenage girl which taught Casey the values of makeup, fashion, gossip and boys. She often sports bright purple lipsticks and colourful scrunchies.

Violet's Makeup


Hugo (age 23) is a charming and charismatic man who joined Casey’s personalities when she was 18. He prides himself in his knowledge of designer fashion, sports and politics. He is a mix of a suave gentleman and a typical preppy frat boy. He gives Casey relationship advice and coaches her confidence. Hugo usually wears sweater vests, polished shoes and his favourite watch.

Hugo's Watch


Portia (Age 39) is a strictly religious woman who likes to judge and criticize the other alters’ actions. She is often crude with her opinions and blunt in making them known. She is very strong in her religious beliefs and often pushes them on the other personalities. Portia dressed in ankle-length skirts, turtle necks and a deep purple crystal ring.

Portia's Ring


Christian (Age 15) is Logan’s older brother. He is an introverted and emotional boy who does what he is told to do. He is a representation of Casey’s teenage self. Since graduating from her teen years, Casey has gained freedom from her abusive guardians and developed confidence and happiness. Christian remains in Casey’s consciousness, reminding her of her former self to keep her humbled and empathetic.

Christian's Hat


Casey and her fragmented identity’s items were photographed with permission in her hopes to raise awareness of the disorder and give voice to fellow sufferers of the disease. For a limited amount of time, the photographed items can be viewed at E.T Gallery in Melbourne, Victoria. Visit the upcoming events page for showcase dates and exclusive interviews with Casey herself. For further inquiries, please contact E.T Gallery’s show manager: Elysia Teo at

For further inquiries, please contact E.T Gallery’s show manager: Elysia Teo at